Sunday, January 22, 2012

Gloomy Sunday.

What Anna Wore: Maroon striped turtle neck, Target. Long Tan sweater, Thrifted. Brown leggings, Old Navy. Maroon ugg boots,


Rings, Josephs Jewelers & nail polish from Target :)


What Carly Wore: Dark gray blazer, Thrifted. Black and gray lace tank, Thrifted. Yellow hand knit scarf, Made by my mother. Jean shorts, Goodwill. Black leggings, Old Navy. Gray knee socks, Target & Gray farron boots,


Silver ring, Thrifted. Black ring, Gift from somewhere in Rhode Island :)

Happy Sunday All! & Happy Birthday to our dear ol' Dad :)

Snapped a few photos this moring at our house, before going to Zanzibar for lattes and toast with peanut-butter & also thrifting around at Goodwill for our Dad's birthday present. We got him a awesome navy sweater and a green, navy and gray tie, hopefully he enjoys them!

Celebrating tonight with the family, our two brothers and sister in-law are on there way here to enjoy some delicious food and strawberry cake. We love birthdays! no matter how old you are it's always a celebration.


Carly & Anna

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